Erik Clement was working at the Sea Shell Motel in Westerly, Rhode Island when the Tuesday storm rolled in. He thought it was safe to get some video of it until lightning struck.

“I saw the brightest flash the loudest bang and then I felt the electricity go into my hand,” said Clement.

He says the lightning wasn’t just near him it hit him.

“It’s the scariest thing I ever had to happen to me,” said Clement. “It was really overwhelming.”

He says the lightning came right through his hand which had been holding the metal knob of the screen door.

After the strike he called 911 and first responders said his heart rate and blood pressure were elevated. He’s still feeling the effects.

“It’s numb in the finger tips here and I have a headache,” explained Clement.

Clement who works during the week in Westerly and goes home to Norwich on weekends is sharing his story as a warning to others.

“I want other people to know it’s not worth the shot,” said Clement. “It’s not worth the footage. Get inside.”

He also says the rain had only started falling near him seconds before the strike.  All the lightning was way out in the distance, miles away. But first responders believe when that lighting strike hit somewhere in the nearby pond it traveled to him.

“Thank god I wasn’t on the grass or the wet grass or something,” said Clement. “I feel blessed for sure.”

He always wears his rosary beads and after this experience he always will.

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