NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — It was a busy morning at Norwich Tech as the high school hosted a career fair for students in the state’s vocational-technical school system. It comes at a time when those students’ skills are in high demand.

More than 50 companies crowded into the school’s gym. All of them are looking to hire vocational technical high school students.

“We’ve been doing signing days, we’ve been doing job offers on the spot,” said Tracy White, a staffing lead manning a table for submarine maker Electric Boat. “We’ve been trying to meet kids and let them know about internships, letting them know about all the possibilities.”

“EB has been coming down to our shop a few times and has been looking for internships and talking to us kids,” Norwich Tech Junior Lillian Daniels confirmed.

That is because Electric Boat is looking to hire five thousand new employees this year alone. Norwich Tech sophomore Ethan Danner wants to go into the air force or Navy after high school, but he is also learning technical skills for later.

“So I can go into that and help build ships like at E.B., or I can go to EB and help build subs,” Danner said.

There are lots of companies represented here besides Eletric Boat. All of them, in pretty much every industry, are having trouble finding good people to hire. That is why the skills students are learning in the vocational-technical system are so valuable right now.

There are a lot of possibilities for students looking to work with their hands. Like Norwich Tech Junior Imanni Johnson, who is in the electrical program and looking at her options.

“Just a little bit more information on what my next steps are after high school, how I can further build my career,” Johnson said.

A career that can start right after high school.

“We have a lot of growth, we have a lot of opportunities in various areas,” said White about Electric Boat. “Especially for trade schools, we have places to place you, whatever your interests are.”

Because E.B., and everyone else, is really looking to hire.