OLD LYME, Conn. (WTNH) — If you’re planning to head to a beach in Connecticut this summer, law enforcement agencies are reminding you that alcohol is not allowed at state beaches and boardwalks.

As beachgoers flocked to Sound View Beach in Old Lyme for Memorial Day weekend, rangers made the no-tolerance policy very clear, warning potential violators of a hefty fine.

“For the most part, yeah,” Old Lyme Ranger Supervisor Katie Funaro said. “Yesterday [Monday], we didn’t have too many problems.”

Signs at the beach’s entrance remind people that drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco or cannabis products, and vaping are prohibited.

None of that is allowed on the public beach or the private Miami Beach next door, where people can also sit.

“We do beach sweeps, and we’re looking for alcohol and smoking, just to remind people that there’s no tolerance for that down here,” Funaro said.

If you break the rules, there is a hefty fine. Last year, the penalty jumped from $50 to $90.

“Since there’s no tolerance for it, if we see it, they get a ticket,” said Funaro.

“It’s like more safety precautions,” said Olivia Robertson from Berlin. “Just to make sure everybody has a more enjoyable time at the beach and nothing gets too out of hand.”

There are no lifeguards at Sound View Beach, so you swim at your own risk.

The wooden stand in the middle of the beach may look like it is for lifeguards, but it is for the rangers to keep a better eye on beachgoers.

“The rangers patrolling makes a big difference,” said Sound View Beach resident Angelo Faenza, agreeing with the $90 fine and extra patrols.

Robertson, and her friend, Mika Siemiatkoski, who came from Berlin to spend the day at the beach, are also onboard with penalty and police sweeps.

“I don’t think that anybody should really have alcohol at the beach. You can get that at a restaurant,” Siemiatkoski said. “Stay in the restaurant.”

There is a restaurant and bar right next to Sound View where drinks are allowed at those private beach businesses, but having alcohol spill over to this public beach is not permitted.