PRESTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Preston Farms has been creating corn mazes for the past 24 years, but this year the farm is celebrating in a unique way.

The farm, located in Preston, is commemorating its 100th anniversary with a special corn maze designed to reflect that milestone. This year’s maze features the number 1923 and a cow to celebrate a full century of serving the Connecticut community.

The maze spans eight acres of corn, and there are 16 stamping stations within the maze.

Over the years, Preston Farms has designed corn mazes to fit the themes of Sleepy Hollow, Titanic, Gettysburg and the Wild West.

Gerry Grabarek, the owner of the farm spoke about the year the corn maze was designed as the Wild West.

“To get out of the maze you had to go to the right side of this badge. In other words, you had to be on the right side of the law to get out of the maze,” Gerry Grabarek said.

It takes a lot of work not only to design the maze but to get what’s on paper onto the huge field.

“We print it off and my dad will put grid lines in it and one inch on the grid paper equals 20 feet out in the field,” said Matthew Grabarek, whose family runs Preston Farms. “So it’s high school geometry basically.”

Brittany Hebert and her son Brooks were the first visitors to this year’s Preston Farms Corn Maze.

“Brooks had a half day from kindergarten and I used to come here as a kid so we thought it would be really fun to do the corn maze together,” Brittany Hebert said.

Her son Brooks didn’t waste any time searching for the 16 stamps scattered throughout the nearly eight acres of corn and he knew how many stamps he planned to get.

Owner Gerry Grabarek said it usually takes people about 2 hours to get to all the stamping stations. But if you get a little lost you can always head toward the tree line to find the perimeter path which will bring you back to the beginning or end.

“If you feel like you want to get out in a hurry especially if there’s a little kid I want to go to the bathroom,” Matthew Grabarek said.

Once you have your stamp collecting card you can come back for free throughout the season.