BOZRAH, Conn. (WTNH) — In some parts of Connecticut, diesel is more than $6.00 a gallon, when just several months ago, it could be found at less than $3.00 a gallon. 

Small businesses like Sanjero Trucking are being greatly affected by the rise in diesel fuel prices. The trucking company has three trucks and two trailers.

“Normally it’s $1,300 a week per truck. Right now we’re looking at $2,300,” said Santiago Acosta, whose father Jose Acosta owns Sanjero Trucking.

The owners of Sanjero Trucking said it is now operating at a losswhich is what most companies are doing as well as charging a surcharge for fuel, and of course, that affects many other businesses as well.

“The price is going up because of the raw materials and we’re getting fuel surcharges on all our material coming in,” said Stan Bush with Red’s Building Supplies.

Bush has seen the effects in his personal life as well. A recent quick trip to the grocery store was costly.

“Eggs, milk, you know that kind of stuff and it was $70.00,“ said Bush.

“Higher prices at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the clothing store, you name it,” said Joe Sculley with the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut. 

The Acosta family hopes to get some relief in the next few weeks with a drop in diesel fuel prices or an increase in shipping rates. Just a couple of months ago, they said they were getting $3.30 per mile. Now, they’re getting $2.30 a mile.

All we can really do is hold on and hope for the best I guess,” said Acosta.

There was no state gas tax holiday for big rigs.

“Total it’s a 41 cent per gallon tax on diesel,” said Sculley.

He says come July that could jump even higher because the state tax on diesel has two parts. One is a stable rate while the other is a variable rate dependent on past diesel fuel prices.