UNCASVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts took to the Connecticut Sun’s court on Thursday as part of a group of women honored for being an inspiration.

Roberts, who also is the president of Rock’n Robin Productions, was honored alongside Akia S. Callum with the Waterbury Bridge to Success Community Partnership, Tammy De La Cruz with Community Speaks Out and sports geographer Jen Fry.

“I am very humbled to be in the group,” Roberts said.

She highlighted the other women who were honored, and spoke about an aspiring WNBA player.

“And to see her, and hear her talk to her about advocating for yourself — that’s what these four women that are being honored for, including myself, are trying to teach to the younger people, especially younger women, about advocating for yourself and being your biggest strength,” Roberts said. “So, it’s so important.”

And while equity in women’s sports has made leaps, she said that progress still needs to be made.

“We have a way to go,” she said, “and until we see equal pay across the board — not just in women’s athletics…oh, we’ve got to keep working. But that’s what tonight is about.”

She’s also a fan of News 8, stating that she watched it every morning during lockdown.

Watch her full interview with News 8’s Sarah Cody in the player below.