GROTON, Conn. (WTNH)– There was a very special breakfast birthday party in Groton Thursday morning for Connecticut’s oldest living Purple Heart recipient.

It was a special birthday breakfast for a 97-year-old veteran. Frank Bennet is a regular at the Groton Townhouse. Next time you see him, you may want to thank him for his service.

“Because he’s done so much for the country in his tenure in the military,” said Warren Speh. “Something that I felt people needed to know about Frank.”

His friends and family know. A small group of them gathered at his favorite spot to celebrate another year.

At 97-years-old, Frank is the oldest living Connecticut resident to have received a Purple Heart after serving in both WWII and the Korean War.

“I was in WWII, I was on the deck of two ships that got sank,” said Bennet.

You heard that right. Two sunken ships and wounded in battle too.

He’s seen a lot in his 97 years, so he has some advice for younger generations. It’s simple: do more for your community.

“It’s just like a family, and what’s good for the family is good for you. The same with the community, what’s good for the community is good for you,” said Bennet.