STONINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) — A hotel clerk is looking for justice after she said a couple attacked her and yelled racial slurs at her.

The incident happened on the Stonington side of Mystic. The victim, Chrystal Caldwell, said she suffered a concussion after being attacked by two of the guests.

Caldwell, 59, has been a desk clerk at the inn for seven years. She told News 8 a couple from New York, who was staying at the hotel, beat her not once, but twice.

Exclusive video shows Caldwell being attacked for the second time by a couple at the Mystic Quality Inn on Friday. She puts up a fight as the couple punches her in the head, throwing her to the ground.

Caldwell said the couple was looking for her after a prior altercation at the front desk. The man first called to say his hot water wasn’t working. When Caldwell offered to have someone come and fix it or switch their room, she said he got angry and started calling her names, including “monkey” among other things.

“The manager said, ‘I got this; I got it under control,’ so I turned around to go back to my desk because other people were checking out…he just came down before I could…go behind the desk and assaulted me.”

At one point, she said he came down to the reception area and started hitting her, so they called police. But they were able to get ahold of Caldwell a second time. 

Her attorney said the couple had it out for her.

“You see these two people looking around for Chrystal like they’re still stalking her…It’s really one of the most vicious assaults you’d ever see.”

Caldwell said hen she closes her eyes at night she sees one thing: “All I could see is his shoe coming…I was fighting for my life.”

Caldwell’s attorney says Stonington officers did not arrest the couple before they took off to New York.

Meanwhile they are working with a detective and are hopeful an arrest will soon be made. Captain Olson with the Stonington police told News 8’s partners at the Hartford Courant that police want an “iron-clad case,” and don’t want a quick investigation that a defense attorney can pick apart. They said they plan to make at least one arrest.