WATERFORD, Conn. (AP) – Federal energy regulators and a local oversight panel are set to meet to discuss safety issues at Connecticut’s sole nuclear plant.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff members and the state Nuclear Energy Advisory Council will meet in Waterford Tuesday to review operations at the Millstone nuclear plant.

Millstone’s Unit 3 is under heightened oversight due to problems related to the plant’s auxiliary water pump. It’s one of several used to help cool down the reactor.RELATED STORY:Feds to boost oversight of Millstone after security review

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced increased oversight April 2. The agency didn’t disclose the security problem, but said Millstone’s problem rated a low-significance “greater than green” on a scale ranging from green for very low safety or security significance to red for high safety or security significance.

Unless the finding is successfully appealed, it will result in additional scrutiny.

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