This is now day three of the white powder incidents and it may not be the final day.

“Woman opened a package and was alarmed by what she saw,” explained Cheryl Kehew who owns the Corner Music shop where she and her husband teach music lessons.

This latest white powder incident struck a cord close to home for them. Their shop is next to the Old Saybrook building where a suspicious package was received Friday morning. A source close to the investigation tells News 8 this is related to what federal investigators have been dealing with in New Haven, Hartford, and Bristol.

“The fact that it was related down here in Old Saybrook was a little surprising,” said Kehew.

“I was just concerned for everyone’s safety and I’m glad everyone’s okay,” said Sue Taylor whose Farmers Insurance office was also closed during the evacuation.

263 Main Street and the two buildings on either side of it were evacuated after the package was received at the Community Health Center dental office. A spokesperson tells News8 as soon as the worker opened the envelope and saw the white power police were called.

“The package was not addressed to Planned Parenthood but of course our priority is always the safety of our staff and our patients,” said Amanda Skinner, President of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

Planned Parenthood closed for the rest of the day while others reopened 

“This interrupted your day a little bit. I’ll say I ended up canceling a few appointments,” said psychologist Mark Aron. 

No powder was found in a suspicious envelope sent to Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office in Hartford but it did cause a scare.

“Fortunately it was a false alarm. I’m very grateful to the police and firefighters who were alerted. They responded promptly,” said Senator Blumenthal. “Fortunately there was no real danger but we all have to be alert and follow the right protocol.”