NEW MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – The Town of New Milford and the Office of Mayor Pete Bass notified United Roofing and Sheet Metal that the contractor was in substantial breach of their contract certified by their project architect for allegedly starting a fire on July 5.

The town terminated the contactor under their contract that was referred on July 13, according to a document from the Milford Town Mayor Pete Bass.

In accordance with the legal document, the contractor is to leave all materials, tools, equipment, construction equipment and machinery on site.

The Town of New Milford stated that the magnitude of the fire loss and resulting severe consequences caused by the fire on July 5 is the second on-site fire caused by the contractor.

According to a document from the town Mayor, the town will not request a conference nor retain the contractor to complete the project.

In addition, New Milford High School held a public meeting on Wednesday night to discuss the plan for the upcoming school year after a fire last week caused significant damage to the building.

Summer classes were already impacted by the fire and were moved to various middle and elementary schools in town.

The town may have to purchase 50 portable classrooms or pods for classes in the fall. Officials said 60% of the building was affected by the damage. The high school currently has a hole in the roof and extensive water damage inside the building.

In order to expedite repairs, New Milford Mayor Pete Bass created an executive order declaring the fire a local emergency disaster.

Officials say they are in the clean-up stage of the building repair process.

“We’ve gone through, we’ve identified the rooms that need a lot of work, we’ve identified the rooms that need not a lot of work and we’ve identified the rooms that need a little bit of work. With that, we’re starting to section off the school. We’re hoping to get the school back, a couple of parts of it next week,” said Jack Healy, Director of New Milford DPW.

Healy is working with the town’s insurance carrier to ensure everything is properly covered for reimbursement. Officials praised the first responders, saying it could have been much worse.