(WTNH) — When the clock strikes midnight, a number of new state laws go into effect.

The following laws will be effective October 1:

  • Temporary Restraining Order: Anyone who has a temporary restraining order against them will have to give up their guns. Domestic violence prevention advocates backed this bill, but critics say it unjustly scrutinizes gun owners.
  • Terminally Ill Patients: Terminally ill patients could get experimental drugs not approved by the federal government, but they still have to get their doctors to sign off on it.
  • Desmond’s Law: Named for a dog that was tortured to death in Branford four years ago, the law now lets a judge appoint volunteers to speak on behalf of cats and dogs who are involved in court cases.
  • ATVs: The penalties for illegally operating all-terrain vehicles is going up. First-time offenders face a fine, and a judge could also order the vehicle sold at public auction.
  • Medical Marijuana: The state’s four-year-old medical marijuana program will now include patients under 18. They will need a prescription from their doctor and can only receive forms of the drug that they can’t smoke.
  • Narcan: As a part of the state’s heroin crisis, first responders now have a specific plan and money to get trained to use the overdose reversal drug Narcan.