WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — A new state program to train workers in the clean energy sector is making headlines. Windsor-based Energy Efficiencies announced Wednesday it has a dozen people who have completed 12 weeks of classes through the state’s Career Connect Program.

Graduates earn certifications in the energy field. Many of them are landing good-paying jobs immediately because of high demand.

Andrew Garcia of Waterbury described, “I received multiple certifications that I can carry with me my whole life and I worked for this so it’s nice seeing my work paid up.”

Lorenzo Wyatt, the owner of Home Comfort Practice, explained, “These graduates acquired skills and nationally recognized certifications within this industry and as a result, they were ready to work Day One.”

The state is investing $100-million over the next four years to the Career Connect Program. Ten million dollars of it on the clean energy sector to train 1,500 workers. The other $100-million will go to training workers in manufacturing, healthcare, and commercial truck drivers.