New video News 8 first obtained shows 2 more assaults on CTtransit drivers


It’s happened again.

Two more CTtransit bus drivers were attacked on the job, spit on by unruly passengers.

News 8 was first to obtain surveillance video of the bodily fluid assaults.

Watch closely as the driver of Route 206 was spit on by a male passenger not once, but twice. First, as he exits the bus. The second time was through the driver window from outside the bus.

Video in the next case shows a female passenger spitting on the driver of Route 243. Both attacks happened within hours of each other last Thursday in New Haven.

“To have two assaults on two operators in one day, that’s just a crisis,” said Ralph Buccitti, a top union leader representing bus drivers. He told us CTtransit is not doing enough to protect its drivers.

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Buccitti said CTtransit is not doing enough to protect drivers.

“Drivers coming to work and they’re just in fear. They don’t know what their rights are, what they should be doing when they come to work, what happens when they’re assaulted, and they’re just on edge,” he explained.

Only News 8 obtained a copy of a safety memo issued to drivers, which read, “Your safety is our top priority and the company supports you.”

It continued, “We are purchasing 100 driver barriers later this year and also plan on offering further training in the areas of operator safety and de-escalation.”

This all comes after a viral video News 8 first showed you last week of a metal cane attack on a driver.

Meanwhile, Buccetti offered a message for violent passengers, and said, “Do you not realize that this man or woman has your life in their hands. You just put yourself in jeopardy.” 

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