Conn. (WTNH) — It’s a new year, which means Connecticut residents are looking to brush up on a new language.

Writing Tips conducted a study, analyzing the number of average Google searches in each state for learning a new language. So, if given the chance, what would Nutmeggers like to learn?


Spanish is the most sough-after language to learn in Connecticut, the study found, as it has the highest number of speakers in the family of romance languages. Connecticut isn’t alone, either; Spanish is spoken by around 534 million people across the globe. It’s the official language of 21 countries and the second most spoken language in the U.S.

Across the country, Spanish also takes the crown as the most popular searched language. There are over 476,900 average monthly searches, taking the top spot in all 50 states.


From there, Korean is the next most popular language. While Korean is definitely less sought-after than Spanish, with 77 million speakers in the world, pop-culture might play a part. Over the past few years, K-Pop music has been booming in the U.S., peaking the interest of fans, Writing Tips said.


Italian took the No. 3 spot. The language is spoken in 26 countries, including San Marino and Switzerland. It’s also an interesting language; the longest word in the language has a staggering 26 letters: precipitevolissimevolmente.

Aside from these three, Japanese also peaked interest. Writing Tips found that more than 40,000 people closely search the language each month.

A spokesperson from Writing Tips said that learning a new language has many benefits, as it could enhance both your career and your connection to other cultures.

“It’s fascinating to see such different languages make the top of the rankings,” the spokesperson said. “Plus, it can even improve communication and vocabulary in your first language. With the sheer amount of searches for learning Spanish across the nation, it will be interesting to see how this impacts the number of speakers in the U.S.”