FORT MYERS, Fla. (WTNH) — This week, News 8 teamed-up with the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Ian.

News 8’s Kathryn HAuser followed The Red Cross down to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, and got a firsthand look at some of the most devastated neighborhoods.

From the moment the sun came up, just outside of Fort Myers, a team of Red Cross volunteers were hard at work to feed the hurricane victims.

Joe Apecelli of Groton is one of the volunteers with a friendly greeting and positive outlook. He’s been helping with the relief effort for more than two years.

“We stage our food, we get ready to go,” Apecelli said. “When it’s our turn to pick up the food we get it and we’re in the neighborhoods within an hour.”

Apecelli took his food truck to Fort Myers Beach where the scope and scale of the devastation is difficult to put into words.

“I’ve seen the hurricanes in the past,” Apecelli said. “This rates, I would say, to me…what I’ve seen…as the worst disaster I’ve been part of.”

Chris Agee explained how 13 years ago, he lost his home to a fire.

“The red cross was there for us in that too,” Agee said. “And now going through this…these are the kinds of people that are you know sent from heaven. Great people.”