Conn. (WTNH) — At the start of every legislative session there are always people and groups looking to make their voices heard. This year, it was a group of nurses protesting outside the building, looking or some changes to Connecticut law.

They made sure lawmakers and everyone else could see their message. The nurses are worried there are too few of them.

“I’m personally scared for my family members if they’re admitted to the hospital ’cause conditions are so scary,” said Paul, a nurse who did not want to give his last name for fear of reprisals from his employer. “Staff conditions are so poor that we do not have enough nurses there to monitor people properly.”

Paul did not want to give his last name, but he is part of the group that says we’ve come a long way from putting up hearts everywhere thanking nurses. Now, they said, the pursuit of profit is causing hospitals to put fewer nurses on certain shifts for things like emergency departments.

“We need to maintain safe nurse to patient ratios and our hospitals are understaffing and they’re intentionally doing it,” explained nurse Krystal Myers. Why is it happening? “Profit. It’s all about money. That’s the bottom line.”

They want the legislature to pass a law limiting how many patients a nurse can be responsible for at one time.

“We became nurses to help people and help people get better and be healthy and instead we’re seeing people be neglected because we can’t respond to everything because we don’t have enough people there,” Paul said.

The nurses said that California passed a law 20 years ago limiting patient-to-nurse ratios. Hospitals fought it at the time, but so far, they said, it seems to be working.