EAST LYME, Conn. (WTNH) – A lot of folks are camping this weekend and enjoying the outdoors, but they’re being warned to be careful while camping due to the high fire danger.

Campfires and grilling are being advised against due to the added concern regarding fires and dry conditions.

“We usually don’t add wood to it, so it goes out, but if there are still flames, we will put it out with water,” said Down Ducot, a camper.

The South Fire District in Middletown is also sending out a reminder to people that if they are barbequing place coals in a metal container and completely douse them with water. They also say no outside burning and to extinguish smoking materials properly.

“Please be mindful of how dry it is,” said Chief Jim Trzaski, South Fire District.

Whether you are at a campsite or at your house, officials are just asking residents to be extra careful. If you have a firepit that’s portable, you’re advised to put it on a concrete slab instead of the dry grass and put a cover on it so embers don’t fly away.