NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Three state organizations that have helped lead the charge against hunger in our state got together in New Haven on Thursday morning. And they have concerns about some proposed cuts at the federal level.

When it comes to hunger in Connecticut, the statistics are unsettling.

“One in nine people in the state go to bed hungry and one in six children,” said Valarie Shultz Wilson, CT Food Bank.

And the hope is to change that.

“We are the richest state in the country, yet we have some of the poorest zip codes in America,” said Jason Jakubowski, Food Share.

On Thursday, the major players in all of this came together for the annual “Hunger for Change” conference, helping to fight food insecurity and hunger here in the state.

“If you want people to work, they can’t work if they’re hungry. If you want kids to go to school and study and do well and give a full effort, they can’t do that if they’re hungry,” said William Tong, (D) CT Attorney General.

The goal is to make sure everyone at the table has the resources to help those in need.

“And convening this group here today to talk about how we can work together to ensure that we defeat hunger, it’s important,” said Shultz Wilson.

The “Connecticut Food Bank” and “Food Share” are keeping a close eye on Washington, as the Agricultural Department proposes changes that would cut more than $4 billion from the food stamps program, known as SNAP.

“For every one meal we can provide at a food bank, SNAP can provide 12. By eroding that you are putting an additional stress on food banks,” said Jakubowski.

The Connecticut Food Bank already serves roughly 144,000 people a month. Many of whom struggle to make ends meet.

“This place is very expensive to live, the state of Connecticut and people are having to make difficult choices even with a full time job. Is it food, rent, medication, so they use those programs to help bridge the gap,” said Shultz Wilson.