HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The next group of Connecticut residents eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine are those 16 and older. This new group includes teenagers who will need parental consent to get the vaccine.

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Connecticut residents 16 and up are now eligible to sign up for the vaccine as of midnight, April 1. For those under 18, Pfizer is the only vaccine approved, so it could mean extra hunting to get an appointment.

If you show up with your teen to a clinic that doesn’t have Pfizer, you will get turned away.

Also, consent is important. If you book through the state’s website, a parent will have to sign off on it. And in some cases, like at Hartford HealthCare, a parent will have to be with their teenager at the appointment.

But it could be different depending on which provider you use.

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Doctors realize teenagers may be hesitant to get the vaccine, so one pediatrician officer offers some advice.

Dr. Thomas Murray, an Assoc. Professor of Pediatrics at Yale said, “Although that’s an age where they often feel invincible like they can’t get sick or hurt. Unfortunately, there are a number of kids who can get quite sick from COVID. So parents need to emphasize ‘you can get sick.’ The second thing is it’s important to protect those around you.”

The state is asking younger people who are healthier to wait a week to get their appointment to allow those with pre-existing conditions or folks in their 40s to get their shots first. Eventually, the state is planning Pfizer clinics at high schools around the state, so that could be an option for the near future.