Conn. (WTNH) — Just as families are gathering for Hanukkah and Christmas, national pharmacy chains are limiting how much children’s medicine parents can buy.

It’s the time of year when everyone is getting sick, especially as the so-called ‘tripledemic’ spreads. This has caused an increased demand for medicine, which is causing chains like CVS to limit how much children’s pain relief medicine individual customers can buy.

For weeks now, families have had to deal with a shortage of prescription antibiotics such as amoxicillin. Now, supplies of medicines like Children’s Tylenol are getting tight. Its manufacturer, Johnson and Johnson, said there is not a widespread shortage, but Children’s Tylenol may be “less readily available” in certain stores.

That is why CVS is limiting people to two boxes per customer of children’s pain relief medicine. Walgreens is limiting online purchases to six, but right now has no limit for in-store purchases.

Experts said that it’s not the supply that’s the issue, it’s the demand.

“So what we’re seeing is the rise of a number of pathogens now coming out from having essentially been dormant over the last few years with all the mitigation efforts,” stated Dr. John Brownstein, an ABC News medical contributor.

What this means is that social distancing and mask-wearing during the pandemic didn’t just stop the spread of COVID-19, but the spread of the flu and RSV as well. Now that these practices are not regularly in place, the nation is seeing a spike in all three illnesses, otherwise known as the ‘tripledemic’.

Drug makers are making as much as they always do, it’s just that more kids are now getting sick. Limiting purchases will help keep people from hoarding the medicine that’s left on the shelves like some people hoarded toilet paper when the pandemic began.

Some good advice for parents is this: look for generic versions of the name-brand medicine you usually buy.