GUILFORD, Conn. W(TNH) – It was not your average day at the beach in Guilford. For one thing, the air was a crisp 35 degrees. For another, there were more than a hundred swimmers dressed in all kinds of costumes

“I did it last year. It was pretty cold. I didn’t like it.” said 12-year-old Jake Montesanti. So why was he back doing it again this year? “Because I raised, like, a thousand dollars.”

That is what brought all those folks to Jacob’s beach on a January day: Raising money for the Guilford Youth Lacrosse Association. They wanted to do something different.

“Thought about selling raffle tickets, thought about doing certain things, and decided, ‘Why don’t we try a plunge?'” explained Guilford Youth Lacrosse Association President Mark Luddington. “So we ran with it last year and it came together quickly and it was a great success.”

Lacrosse is becoming more and more popular in Guilford, but some people are not respecting the equipment.

“At some places, there are people who just fool around with the nets and break them,” said 11-year-old Nate Luddington.

So, people young and old are taking the plunge into 41-degree water. Most only stayed in for a few seconds. The exception was a group known as the Shoreline Ice Angels. They take chilly dips like this all winter long.

“The purpose is to walk into the water, calm your mind, calm your heart, calm your breathing,” explained Maya Bradstreet of the Ice Angels. “If you can get through that, you can get through anything.”

But why put themselves through this at all?

“Because you have a fun experience when you’re doing it,” explained 11-year-old Cole Luddington.

And also to raise money for more fun in warmer weather.