ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) – Police are searching for a man accused of exposing himself to students in Rocky Hill.

Police said last Thursday, two students were walking in the area of the Rocky Hill High School tennis courts when they saw a man engaged in indecent exposure. The students reported the incident to school staff who then contacted Rocky Hill police.

When officers arrived on the scene, they were not able to locate the man or the car.

On Friday morning, officers saw the car fitting the description of the car involved in this incident on Mountain View Drive. Officers attempted to pull the car over, however, it didn’t stop.

On Monday, Rocky Hill Police said the suspect’s car was seen in the Stevens Elementary School parking lot. The suspect engaged officers in a pursuit, but officers deemed it unsafe to continue.

Police said the car is a black Lexus IS with dark tinted window and a tinted windshield. The license plate is a CT license plate BB 11505. According to police, the license plate has been reported stolen from the owner on Aug. 1.

Rocky Hill Police have increased patrols around the school properties. Police departments statewide have been made aware of the car’s description.

For now, the community remains on edge.

“I am shocked that this person has come back three days in a row, to the same town,” said Jackie Rossitto, of Rocky Hill. “There’s a sickness going on there.”

Alex Niatopsky, a parent, said it is “a weird level of determination.”

“Why is he so focused on the school?” Naitopsky said. “Do we know anything about him? Have cameras caught him? Nothing, just the car. It has stolen plates, what are you going to do?”

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Rocky Hill police at 860-258-7640.