HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A new prescription discount card called Array RX officially went live on Monday in Connecticut.

State Comptroller Sean Scanlon (D-Conn.) spread the word while visiting two senior centers in Norwalk and Hamden.

“The reason why we’re doing this is because we know that your prescription drugs costs are very expensive, ” Scanlon said.

This program is part of Gov. Ned Lamont’s Healthcare affordability bill, which was signed into law back in June. Officials say ArrayRX works at 98 percent of pharmacies in the state.

“The whole goal of this is for you to take the card, go to your local pharmacy and then work with the pharmacist to figure out whether it’s cheaper for use: to use the insurance you have or to use the ArrayX discount card,” Scanlon said.

The caveat is you cannot use your health insurance or Medicare and the discount card at the same time. State leaders said the program is focused on provided help to three types of people: those with high healthcare deductibles, the uninsured and seniors – where Medicare doesn’t cover all drug costs.

“I know that many of our seniors are having to make really tough decisions – whether it’s going to be medicine or food or it’s going to be clothing,”  Democratic State Rep. Robyn Porter said.

While using the card the average person could save up to 80 percent on generic medications and 20 percent savings on brand-named medications.

State Comptroller Scanlon says, “It’s a very quick and easy process you just need about 2 minutes to do it and you have that card to take to your pharmacy and try to save on the cost of your drugs.”

You can download the card right to your smartphone.

ArrayRx is a multi-state consortium where Connecticut is joining three other states, using the leverage of bulk purchasing to offer discounts.

You can sign at arrayRxcard.com.