HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Quinnipiac University students raised over $125,000 on Saturday for Connecticut Children’s during their annual dance marathon, QTHON.

QTHON is an annual event that Quinnipiac University hosts with help from students, encouraging students to either fundraise as an individual or to work together as a group to raise money. While donations can be accepted any time of the year, QTHON is the final event marking the end of the fundraiser. For nearly 10 hours, all students are invited to dance together and are encouraged to make a final push for donations.

All money at the end of the fundraiser goes directly to Connecticut Children’s, the local hospital.

Throughout the past decade, students have raised over $1 million, according to the university.

The 2022 QTHON celebration was no different than past years, with 10 hours of choreographed dances from student groups, fun costumes, and more.

A final Instagram post revealed the final number: $125,039.67.