SIMSBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered across the world.

Sadly, we broke the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing to Donna Werner of New Fairfield, who was in England for the Queen’s Jubilee. She appeared on Good Morning America along with several broadcasts and was even dubbed my many as a “superfan” of the royal family. That visit now feels even more special to her.

“We were praying that she would come out the last day, you know, up to the balcony and she did and that just put the icing on the cake,” Werner said. “We just were so pleased. You know we want, everybody wanted to show her their love. That’s all we wanted to do.”

One shop in Connecticut, Simsbury’s A Spoonful of Britain, actually opened on the Queen’s Jubilee.

The shop has all the staples of England, like the sauces and jams which ex-pats from Britain come here to get. But there is also memorabilia like the Union Jack and cups commemorating the Queen’s Jubilee.

As you can imagine, many people came to the shop to buy their British goods, and have also been talking about the Queen and the fact that many in the Royal Family went to Balmoral to be with her before she passed away.

“I was just telling my wife this morning I was… she was queen right before I was born,” Paul Resor of Simsbury said.

Resor was inspired to come to the store, which sells sauces and jams as well as other British staples and other royal family memorabilia, to buy a Union Jack in honor of the Queen today.

There is a lot of sadness and there are a lot of people watching what is happening now across the pond.

“It’s sad,” Natalie Brown of A Spoonful of Britain said. “It’s very sad. She’s been a huge icon and she’s a lady. It’s great for all the women out there seeing such a powerful, strong lady.”

One piece of memorabilia which is not for sale in the store is a cardboard cutout of the Queen. News 8 was told it is life size, so she may not be big in stature, but certainly huge in her influence throughout the world.