NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — Recent storms have slightly improved drought conditions in two Connecticut counties, according to an announcement Thursday from Gov. Ned Lamont’s office.

New London and Windham counties, which have been in a Stage 3 drought since August, are now in Stage 2. The other six counties in the state have been in Stage 2 since July 14.

The Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup recommended the decision.

Lamont, however, still wants the state to be vigilant.

“While recent rainfall over the past couple of weeks have brought some relief to Connecticut, particularly in New London and Windham counties, we are still seeing precipitation levels that remain slightly below normal,” he said in the written announcement. “As we enter fall, conditions are looking better than they were this summer, but we still urge everyone to be mindful of their water usage. I am hopeful that in the coming weeks our precipitation levels will be back to normal.

The state tracks droughts on a sliding scale from one to five, with Stage 1 being “below normal conditions” and Stage 5 identified as “extreme drought.”

Stage 2 is considered an “awareness stage.” During the stage, residents are urged to reduce how much water they use.

The state workgroup will meet in November to reevaluate conditions.