STAMFORD, Conn, (WTNH) — As Fotis Dulos is getting treatment in the Bronx, his emergency bond hearing went on Wednesday without him after being postponed Tuesday. Now he has a new, high profile bondsman.

The judge has raised his bond by $500,000 to $6.5 million and has ordered Dulos to be rearrested.

Dulos’ attorney said if Dulos recovers, his legal team will waive extradition. The judge said if Dulos returns, his attorney can file a motion to vacate rearrest.

Police found Fotis Dulos unresponsive at his Farmington home midday Tuesday. Police were there to do a welfare check because Dulos did not show up to his emergency bond hearing.

But despite Dulos being in “dire” condition, according to his attorney, his court case still moved forward without him at Stamford Superior Court.

Dulos has a very high bond of $6.5 million, and while he only has to give a portion of that, that’s still hundreds of thousands of dollars.

His money troubles are well documented and the insurance company told News 8 on Tuesday they were going to revoke his bond after discovering that two of his six properties they insured as collateral were unbeknownst to them in foreclosure.

Essentially, Dulos doesn’t have the cash to be on house arrest. He will instead go back to prison if and when he gets out of the hospital.

But in a new twist in all of this, News 8 spoke to Dulos’ new bondsman Ira Judelson known as “the bondsman to the stars.”

Right now he’s working with Harvey Weinstein and Antonio Brown.

Judelson said he is prepared to cover all $6 million if necessary. He told News 8 Norm Pattis called him Tuesday and he wished Dulos a speedy recovery.

If the family wants to move forward, he will move forward with the bond proceedings.

According to the Hartford Courant, Fotis Dulos was able to post the original $6 million bond after being arrested for murder because of a woman from North Carolina. Anna Curry, someone Dulos referred to as his “best friend” in the bond documents, contributed $147,000 in cash and promised to pay another $272,000.

The Courant says Curry was at Dulos’ home in Farmington the day of his apparent attempted suicide. Officials believe Curry left the house in the morning and when she got back, police were already on scene.

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