BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — Being a rideshare driver is costlier than ever, with the price of fuel worsening by the day.

On Monday, the average price for a regular gallon of gas in Connecticut. was $4.465, according to AAA.

Michael Casey, an Uber driver from Bristol, said he fills his tank at least twice a day, spending about $150 in gas.

“If he is going a block down the road, and I just traveled 15 minutes to get here, obviously, I’m losing money,” Casey said. “Quite frankly, Uber doesn’t care.”

Uber is offering temporary fuel assistance in the form of a fuel surcharge, which goes into effect Wednesday, March 16.

Connecticut drivers take home 55 cents for every ride and 45 cents for every delivery So, 40 rides a week means $22 back to the driver.

“Twenty-two dollars a day wouldn’t do anything but give me a quarter tank of gas. and I’m filling up twice a day, minimum.”

Casey and the CT Drivers United Foundation are pleading with Uber to raise their base pay. For Carlos Gomez, the founder of CT Drivers United Foundation, being an Uber driver is his only income.

“I don’t have another job,” Gomez said.

Lyft announced Monday it will also add a temporary fuel surcharge. How much money will be tacked on to Lyft riders hasn’t been announced yet.

With customers about to pay more, Uber drivers expect tips to take a hit.