ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) – The Rocky Hill Police Department launched a new mobile app to improve communications with residents. It’s the first department in Connecticut to use the public safety app called Atlas 1.

If there is a crime in Rocky Hill, there’s now an app that will tell residents about it.

“You don’t have to search for the information, the information finds you,” Rocky Hill Police Sgt. Steve Morgan said.

The police department rolled out the notification system, which is a digital crime reduction program and civic engagement platform, on Monday.

“We did the testing, the beta on this,” Morgan said. “We really like the product, so we rolled it out. We’re ready to go.”

Morgan said the app helps them prioritize communication in a world driven by technology, and they’re finding social media posts may not be good enough.

“Not everyone is a consumer of social media, so if you choose not to be a consumer of social media, there are limited ways the police can communicate with you,” Morgan said.

Only those that use the app get the alerts. Police set the severity levels of the alerts, ranging from mild to extreme. Those alerts could be in the form of voice recordings, photos, and videos of crimes that the public could potentially help police solve.

“We can make a geo-fence around a neighborhood that may be experiencing an uptick of car break-ins,” Morgan said. “We can geo-fence that neighborhood and let that neighborhood know, ‘hey keep an extra eye out today.'”

The app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices. After you sign up in the app, you’ll have access to emergency, crime, and road alerts on your phone. So far, just over 20 police departments in the U.S. are using the Atlas 1 app.

Rocky Hill Police said any information you enter into Atlas 1 will not be shared with third parties.