AUSTIN, TEXAS. (WTNH) – Day six of the Alex Jones defamation trial had an emotional testimony from a psychiatrist who says the parents of one of the students killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy live in fear that followers of the conspiracy theorist will kill them.

Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis are parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, who along with 19 other students and 6 school staffers, was gunned down in 2012.

Roy Lubit, a forensic psychiatrist hired by the plaintiffs to review the trauma faced by the parents testified Monday at jones’ defamation trial in Austin, Texas.

Heslin and Lewis have sued jones and his media company, Free Speech Systems.

Along with other parents, Heslin and Lewis say they have been harassed and threatened for years since Jones and his Infowars website claimed the attack at sandy hook was a hoax or faked.

Lubit said the cause of their pain is what Jones is doing and the post-traumatic stress disorder the parents are suffering from is based on constant trauma and not on a single event.

“With emotional trauma people with trauma feel depressed, they feel anxious, they want to be alone […] classic symptoms of PTSD,” said Roy Lubit, Forensic Psychiatrist.

The trial is in Texas because Jones lives in Austin. His media company, Free Speech Systems is based there. Jones’ attorney Andino Reynal noted that Lubit briefly ran for congress in Connecticut as a democrat in 2018.

The parents are seeking $150 million in the case.