(WTNH) – The push continues to get more Americans and our allies out of Afghanistan. However, once they reach our shore, some are in need of things we often take for granted.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal is stepping in to help. Congress is officially back in session this week and one of the first persons they can expect to hear from is Blumenthal.

Appearing at the United Methodist Church in New Haven, Blumenthal outlines his address to Congress, not just to bring home Americans and Afghan allies, but also to help meet their needs once they arrive in Connecticut and other parts of the country.

Blumenthal is an advocate of those in need of critical assistance. Now, he’s calling on Congress to immediately allocate funding for resettlement services, such as housing, job placement, and clothing.

“We have planes ready to take them out of Afghanistan,” Blumenthal said.

This is a very vulnerable time in the lives of the refugees and no one knows that better than members of the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services.

Blumenthal says we can expect at least 700 refugees to come to the United States within the next year.