New Haven, CT (WTNH)- Connecticut leaders are looking to permanently protect renters around the state. If you’re paying rent on time and playing by the rules you could still get evicted if your landlord fails to pay the mortgage.

Senator Richard Blumenthal says, “there needs to be guarantees that tenants need to stay in their apartments even after their landlord failed to pay the mortgage and the bank decides to close because they need a place to live.” As it stands right now, If you’re renting and the property goes into foreclosure lawmakers say you could end up on the street.

In 2009 the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act passed which meant tenants in foreclosed homes could stay in their homes for the remainder of their lease, or for at least 90 days post-foreclosure. That measure expired on December 31, 2014. Senator Richard Blumenthal is sponsoring legislation that would revive the protections.

Blumenthal said, “It would give tenants the right to stay in their homes, requiring the banks honor their leases or at least give them 90 days notice before any eviction is started and they then would have the right to contest it and stay in their homes.”

Executive director for Neighborhood Housing Services New Haven, James Paley says, “I think there needs to be legal protection to keep tenants from being thrown out in the streets and there also needs to be protection or assistance given to people to help them advert from foreclosure.” Blumenthal says the measure is good for families, banks and also neighborhoods. He hopes the bill will pass this year.