SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — A pair of Shelton brothers are animal lovers, who also want to be their own bosses. It looks like they may have found their niche.

Mika’il and Ayaan Naqvi are your normal 12 and 13-year-olds. That is if “normal” young teens also happen to be entrepreneurs.

It does not really come as a surprise. Their parents are entrepreneurs.

“Our family has been entrepreneurs for years and years. My mom’s grandpa and everyone has always been entrepreneurs. It’s really in our blood,” Ayaan said.

In his 4th grade class, Ayaan needed to come up with an invention for a project. “I looked at my Christmas tree. My dog was wagging her tail, and she was really close to the Christmas tree. I was like, it sparked an idea. Every year, my dog, or us crazy kids, we’re always breaking a couple of our special ornaments,“ Ayaan said.

So, the boys made their first prototype. Ornament Anchor was then born – An ornament holder that anchors to the end of a branch while keeping precious ornaments from falling off.

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It was a hit at school. The boys wanted more. An idea popped up as they were watching a movie. It was about a girl with an invention. She took it to QVC. It didn’t go well for her, but the boys believed in their product.

“We were saying, ‘Wow, Ornament Anchor belongs on QVC.” Within two weeks, Mika’il said QVC wanted to buy some.

A week later, the boys had their first purchase order. It did not stop at QVC. Ornament Anchor has also been featured on Good Morning America, “Deals and Steals” with Tory Johnson. In addition, the product has been featured on Amazon Launchpad.

‘Running a business with your brother has its pros and cons. But, we make it work and we’re the best of friends always,” Mika’il said.

“It’s an amazing journey,” Ayaan said. “With my brother especially. Just to go along and just us together selling our product is really cool.”

The boys are proud to say that a portion of their proceeds go to pets in need and animal shelters.