Shelton company specializes in helping workplaces prepare for active shooters


In the wake of mass shootings across the nation, more and more companies are stepping up training drills. One Connecticut company is in the business of helping workplaces stay safe.

It’s a terrifying scene that plays out way too often in the United States. It happened two decades ago at Connecticut Lottery Corporation headquarters in Newington

Most recently, it happened in a newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland, and too many times in between. 

With that, more and more calls have come into Security Services Company in Shelton, which trains employees in how to best respond if there is an active shooter in your office. 

They are one of the only companies in the state to offer this. 

“It’s multi-dimensional support on many levels, executive level, we have ex-military, ex-police, ex-EMTs that help on many levels,” said Charles Morano.

Already 8 to 10 companies have booked training this month. 

They call all the time out of the blue, they want the training. They have a problem with an employee or they’ve terminated an employee and suspect something may happen,” Morano said.

The company assesses the environment, holds a training class, then a scenario. 

It’s a service that many companies may have thought they would never need, but now they face a brutal reality. 

“When is enough enough?” asked Morano. “I thought Sandy Hook was enough.”

The Capital Gazette newsroom covered an active shooter training drill just days before a gunman targeted their newsroom. For more information on that, follow this link.

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