They tested their luck in the tank and now a Shelton family is getting their pitch picked up by the Sharks!

News 8’s Alyssa Taglia introduces us to the Naqvi family from Shelton and their budding business – “Kudo Bandz”

Similar to the sticker chart method, these bracelets known as “Kudo Banz” and the app that goes along with it, reward children on a job well done.

The Naqvi family created Kudo Banz when Mika’ill their first son was born.

Mom, Amanda Naqvi said, “It went where he went. kept him focused so he could remember what he was working on everyday.”

Good behavior earns kudo charms and rewards! They call this positive parenting.

Father, Hamza Naqvi said, “Like everyone else you like to get a sense of accomplishment we all face that at our jobs at anything as you get accomplished you want to get recognized. it only makes you work harder.”

What was once a family tool, was launched into a business and now the Naqvis are hoping to win big.

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This Sunday, they will be swimming with the Sharks hoping for a deal.

Mika’il Naqvi said, “You’re infront of these master millionaire, trillionaire people in front of you and you get to talk to them about your product and hear their feedback and it’s just awesome.”

The Naqvis say that no matter if the sharks take a bite of their business or not, their goal is to share what that happiness brough to their family with others.

Kudo Bands are not only meant to help teach kids good behavior and build their self confidence but it also has the goal of making parenting just a little easier. 

Hamza said, “When you’re a parent and have these awesome kids there’s nothing really to help you. There’s no manual, so what Kudo Banz does is it brings positivity into into the daily challenges parents and kids have and struggles.”

Alyssa: Hoping to earn the ultimate kudo from one of the sharks.