Shoreline residents see an increase in deer


EAST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– East Haven residents are seeing an increase in deer along the shoreline.

“We’ve been here for 45 years and for the past I’d say five years it has been evidence to us that there is a lot more deer. We never saw deer down here before,” Paula McCarroll said.

George McCarroll added, “I think they are beautiful. There’s no question about it. But I don’t know if they actually fit here.”  Don Dandelski, owner of D&D Wildlife Control, says the deer population is spiking in residential areas.

“The population is growing. They could be mating and the population growing in other areas where the feed and the environment is better and they are spreading out more and more to different areas.”

“They are out roaming sometimes and they get in front of cars they do create a problem and they are big animals so they can be a hazard to people driving that are not paying attention which happens too frequently,” said George McCarroll.

“We see families of deer. There have been times there’s been seven of them out at once in-between our yard and our neighbors behind us.” Deer are forced to come out during the day to look for food.

Paula McCarroll said, “They are not finding it at night they are going to come out during the day. They are going to come out anytime.” Dandelski added, “The greens aren’t out. The trees aren’t budding yet the deer are doing what they have to to survive. They could be going on peoples’ property and eating their plants.”

Homeowners said with more residential properties popping up the deer have no place to go.” Paula McCarroll added, “The area across the street is where they generally go and live but that has from what I understand been on deposit for sale with probably the prospects of houses going there.”

“A lot of places in Connecticut If it can be developed it has been developed or will be developed which does take the natural environment from the deer,” Dandelski said. 

George McCarroll said, “The last of the forested area or wooded area is going to disappearing so I don’t know where they are going to go.”

“They’re here to stay.  They are not going nowhere,” added Dandelski, who advises people not to feed the deer, as it will make it harder for them to find food on their own. 

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