WESTBROOK, Conn. (WTNH) — For the past few days, about a mile off the shores of Westbrook sat the Lady May, and almost immediately people took notice.

“It’s odd that it’s kind of anchored off the coast and not in a marina somewhere so that kind of got a lot of attention,” said Evan Cusson of Atlantic Outboard in Westbrook.

But it wasn’t just residents who were interested in the 152 foot yacht and who was onboard.

“The next day I happened to see a Coast Guard C-130 plane fly over, circle the yacht, and then disappear,” said Evan Honeyman of Westbrook.

Thursday morning the Coast Guard arrived and soon people knew who the man in a picture taken by one resident may have been – former advisor to President Trump Steve Bannon. 

“This morning we happened to see the Coast Guard Cutter the ship put itself in the stern of the Lady May and that was when Steve Brannon had been arrested which we did not know at the time,” said Honeyman.

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The 66-year-old and three others were arrested for fraud in connection with a border wall fundraising campaign in which the Justice Department says the men stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors. 

Hours after his arrest, Bannon pleaded not guilty in federal court in New York.

“Definitely interesting to know that Steve Bannon had been kind of hiding out here in Westbrook, Connecticut, a rather quiet town in general,” said Honeyman.

The Coast Guard tells News 8 it assisted federal agents by providing a platform at sea and making the initial safety sweep of the vessel.

“Obviously this morning with the helicopter Coast Guard helicopter sitting on top over it and then the Coast Guard boat going up to it today was definitely worthy of our attention,” said Cusson.

News 8 was the only news crew that got video of the yacht before it sailed away from Westbrook. Even though the yacht is now gone, it continues to be the talk of this town. 

Interestingly enough some, thought there were a few movie stars on board.

WEB EXTRA: University of New Haven political science professor Dr. Matthew Schmidt joins us to talk about the potential ramifications of Steve Bannon’s arrest today.