(WTNH) — The Connecticut State Police want to remind drivers of the Move Over law in place to protect Officers in the field.

On Friday, CT State Police wrote of the anniversary of the death of one of their officers who was struck and killed by a car on the highway during a traffic stop.

Trooper Jorge Agosto died 30 years ago at the age of 27 after only two years serving in the force.

CT State Police wrote on Facebook that Trooper Agosto was working with the Traffic Squad on I-95 to help out during Thanksgiving traffic. He joined another officer in a traffic stop on the highway and was making his way along the shoulder of the highway to the arrested vehicle when a car veered off the road and struck him from behind.

It was later determined that the driver of the car that hit Trooper Agosto had a medical condition “known to cause dizziness, confusion, and blackouts.”

“Trooper Agosto’s death demonstrates the vulnerability of all Troopers on the highway. We ask all drivers to ‘move over’ one lane whenever they see an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the highway.”

– Connecticut State Police

News 8 also reminds drivers that distracted driving is not only a safety hazard, but also illegal. W82TXT this holiday season and all year long.