Conn. (WTNH) — Boozy Mountain Dew is here.

After launching in February 2022, Hard Mountain Dew has expanded to Connecticut, becoming the 14th state to launch the alcohol version of the fan-favorite soft drink.

There’s not just one flavor, either. Members of the Nutmeg State can take a shot at the original, or opt for a bold flavor like Baja Blast, Black Cherry, Watermelon, and the latest Livewire.

Hard Mountain Dew has a slight edge — with the same soda taste, combined with 5% alcohol by volume, zero added sugar, and 100 calories. No need to worry about caffeine with this drink either.

Mountain Dew fans can expect to find the drink on shelves in 24 oz. single cans or 12-pack 12 oz. can mix packs at Connecticut alcoholic beverage retailers starting Tuesday.

Find out where to find Hard Mountain Dew across the state here.