Conn. (WTNH) — How fast is too fast?

Everything is faced-paced, especially in New England, and drivers have admitted their speeding guilt.

In the past month, the average Connecticut resident admitted to exceeding over 100 mph on four occasions, the car dealer site Gunther Volkswagen Daytona Beach found in an anonymous survey. If this trend was backdated, that means these drivers would have sped over 100 mph 48 times over the past year.

Out of all 50 states, Connecticut drivers were second most guilty alongside Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, and Virginia, GVDB found.

The study also showed that out of those surveyed, 60% of Connecticut drivers aren’t actually aware of the speeding penalties, which could include anything from a fine to license suspension, and even jail time. More than half of those interviewed do not think that the penalty is harsh enough.

While nearly half of those surveyed said they hypocritically condemn those who speed, even if they speed themselves, more than half of drivers said they would speed even more if cameras didn’t exist. Some drivers don’t think highways should have speed limits at all, according to the study.

Although speeding may just be something that happens a few times of year, GVDB said speeding can make the risk of an accident even greater, especially if the roads are in poor conditions.

See the average amount of times per month drivers in each state admitted to driving over 100mph here.