(WTNH) – At the beginning of the year, there were a series of wrong-way deadly crashes. Since then, state transportation officials have ramped up signage and will be launching a pilot program to stop driver confusion.

In the meantime, one state lawmaker is doing all he can to honor a dear friend who died at the hands of a wrong-way driver. State Representative Bobby Gibson uses his platform at the state Capitol to raise awareness about drivers who go the wrong way on the highway.

In a public service announcement, Gibson says on camera while pointing at a highway on-ramp, “The most dangerous areas for this incident are highway off-ramps which drivers frequently mistake for on-ramps and enter going in the wrong direction.”

Gibson’s PSA is inspired by his college football buddy and fraternity brother Coach Melvin Wells of Hamden.

“He was such a giant and a meaningful person and his life were taken so senselessly. It really got my attention,” said Rep. Gibson.

State police say a wrong-way driver struck Wells on I-95 in Mystic in March of 2018. Both drivers died. Wells was just 55-years-old.

The pain is still fresh.

Gibson was choked up thinking about his friend. “This guy was um, a real man, pillar of the community who would do something for anyone.”

State transportation officials say there are 236 exit ramp locations in our state where on and off-ramps are on the same side of the road.

CT Department of Transportation is launching a high-tech detection program at these locations around the state on off-ramps. The department will install 360-degree cameras and flashing L-E-D light signs to alert drivers.

“We are here to make laws to protect and to help people. Anything I can do to bring attention to this. I’m going to do it in the name of Melvin Wells Sr.,” Gibson added.

The state is scheduled to launch the pilot program early next year.