The search of the Farmington home of Jennifer Dulos’ estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, has been expanded on Friday afternoon and is continuing on into Saturday.

The property behind the 4 Jefferson Crossing home is being searched by State Police.

The search continues for a missing mother of five from New Canaan, while her estranged husband’s girlfriend was spotted at an Avon hotel after speaking with investigators. 

Jennifer Dulos was last seen on May 24th while she was dropping her five children off at school. 

State Police are also actively searching a trash and recycling plant in Hartford for the fifth day in a row. Officers are using cadaver dogs to try to locate any evidence. 

WEB EXTRA: News 8’s drone footage of the Hartford trash facility 

News 8 spoke to a local officer about what those K9’s are specifically trained to do.

“They can be trained in multiple things, some dogs can go in the water and look for whether it’s human flesh or a drowned body, they can find anything with blood on it,” said Sgt. Thomas Lazure
West Hartford Police Department. 

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On Thursday, state police confirmed that the girlfriend of Dulos’ estranged husband, Michelle Troconis spoke to detectives. 

Troconis was staying at a Marriott residence in Avon for the past few days; She’s been spotted there. Our news partners at the Hartford Courant report detectives have now brought Troconis back to Fotis Dulos’ Farmington home on Jefferson Crossing. Troconis love there with Fotis before Jennifer Disappeared.

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This is also where she and Fotis Dulo were arrested almost a week ago in connection to the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. 

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Troconis is currently out on bond.  And we know that Thursday she met with investigators and her attorney and was re-interviewed, setting off speculation that she could be giving details related to this case. But authorities have not elaborated on the context of that meeting. 

Meanwhile, the search for Jennifer Dulos continues. Investigators still combing through trash at a garbage facility in Hartford. They’ve been there all week looking for evidence. 

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That’s because Fotis Dulos and Troconis were spotted along Albany Avenue in Hartford the day Jennifer went missing. They’re accused of throwing bags into dumpsters  that contained Jennifer’s blood. 

Police believe she was the victim of a violent attack at her home, shortly after she dropped her children off at school that morning.

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“It’s a sad thing it’s close to home for all of us and it’s more sad for the kids because the kids don’t deserve not to have their mom,” said Shawn Smith, Hartford.

This investigation has also taken police to Waveny Park in New Canaan where Jennifer’s car was found abandoned. 

WEB EXTRA: News 8’s drone footage of Fotis Dulos’ Farmington home

Also, to the home of Fotis Dulos in Farmington and another nearby property that his company recently renovated. 

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Fotis and Jennifer were going through a divorce, one that involved a bitter custody battle over their five children. 

Court docs of Gloria Farber seeking custody of Dulos children 

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Police say they are working non-stop on this case. They’ve received more than 225 tips. And 70 responses from homes and business with surveillance video. 

Dulos’ husband, Fotis Dulos, is still behind bars at Bridgeport Correctional Facility. We also learned that the divorce lawyer for Fotis Dulos filed a motion to remove himself from the case. 


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