NORTH STONINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) – State police announced they are working on combating illegal street racing and destructive car meets after DOT commuter lots are being damaged across Connecticut.

Troopers said that over the past several weekends, police have received an overflow of complaints regarding dangerous behavior at commuter lots. Some of these complaints reported littering, loud noises, underage drinking, destruction of property, and reckless driving.

In some cases, these street races can gather over 100 people and can include around 75 cars, according to police.

On Saturday, two separate meetups at two separate times and locations throughout the day were broken up by police. Officers said they issued two hard copy warrants, six misdemeanor summonses, five infractions, and towed four cars.

For everyone else at these illegal races, police said they issued a warning about the potential consequences of the illegal actions.