NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Many homeowners feel buyer’s remorse after purchasing a home. Homeowner’s who are currently facing buyers regret have different options and steps they can take to alleviate stress.

Forbes provided several tips for homeowner’s who are looking to solve their buyer’s remorse.

ONE: Start by calling your agent. Many of them keep track of interested buyers, perhaps they can get back in touch with one of them and see if they’re still interested.

TWO: The market is still hot. You may be able to make a few quick improvements and sell it off yourself.

THREE: Remember that if you resell quickly, it is unlikely you’ll break even. Do the math and make sure you’re okay with the financial loss you may likely face.

FOUR: Another option is to rent out your home, while you come up with another plan.

FIVE: Experts say you should stop to think about why you’re feeling regret. If it’s that you can’t afford the home, think about where you went wrong so history does not repeat in the future.