NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Looking for an internship that pays? Connecticut may be your go-to destination.

Interns in Connecticut make the third-highest earnings in the nation, according to a study from CashNetUSA. At an average of $20.39 an hour, it is behind Washington, at $20.92, and California, at $20.78.

The state with the lowest hourly rate for interns is Wyoming, at $11.19.

About 33.5% of internships don’t pay, according to the study of more than 50,700 roles. Tech internships will pay the most, at an average of $19.77 an hour. If you are looking to be paid, you may want to avoid the finance sector, where 30.7% of roles do not pay.

Internships in Delaware are the least likely to pay employees, with 33.54% not offering any salary. In Connecticut, 13.75% of internships are unpaid.

You are the most likely to be paid in Kansas, where 4.2% of internships come with compensation.