NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — You’ve heard it before — stay alert on the roads. But does when you’re driving play a factor in your safety?

A new study released by injury lawyers Bader Scott revealed that the deadliest day of the week to drive is on Saturday.

The study analyzed fatal accidents reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over the last five years.

According to the results, the deadliest month to drive in the U.S. is October. During October, drivers are 1.2% more likely to be involved in a fatal accident compared to any other month, the data showed.

Additionally, the study outlined the deadliest month, day of the week and time that have seen the highest fatalities over the last five years across the U.S.

State Deadliest TimeDeadliest Day Deadliest Month
Alabama 6-7 p.m.SaturdayOctober
Alaska5-6 p.m. SaturdayJuly
Arizona8-9 p.m.SaturdayOctober
Arkansas5-6 p.m.SaturdaySeptember
California9-10 p.m.SaturdayNovember
Colorado6-7 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Connecticut7-8 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Delaware5-6 p.m.FridaySeptember
Florida 8-9 p.m. & 9-10 p.m.SaturdayMarch
Georgia6-7 p.m. & 7-8 p.m.SaturdayOctober
Hawaii 6-7 p.m.SaturdayDecember
Idaho 4-5 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Illinois 6-7 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Indiana 9-10 p.m.SaturdayJune
Iowa5-6 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Kansas2-3 p.m.FridayJuly
Kentucky3-4 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Louisana 8-9 p.m.SaturdayMay
Maine4-5 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Maryland9-10 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Massachusetts6-7 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Michigan6-7 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Minnesota5-6 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Mississippi8-9 p.m.FridayOctober
Missouri 4-5 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Montana2-3 p.m. Saturday July
Nebraska3-4 p.m. FridaySeptember
Nevada5-6 p.m.Saturday September
New Hampshire2-3 p.m.Sunday September
New Jersey 9-10 p.m.Saturday October
New Mexico6-7 p.m.Saturday September
New York 5-6 p.m.Saturday September
North Carolina6-7 p.m.Saturday June
North Dakota7-8 p.m.Saturday July
Ohio6-7 p.m.Saturday July
Oklahoma6-7 p.m.Saturday July
Oregon5-6 p.m.Saturday July
Pennsylvania3-4 p.m.Saturday October
Rhode Island4-5 p.m.Sunday June
South Carolina 9-10 p.m. Saturday October
South Dakota5-6 p.m.Saturday August
Tennessee5-6 p.m.Saturday June
Texas9-10 p.m.SaturdayOctober
Utah3-4 p.m.SaturdayAugust
Vermont12-1 p.m./ 3-4 p.m./ 4-5 p.m./
5-6 p.m.
Saturday September
Virginia6-7 p.m.SaturdayOctober
Washington4-5 p.m. & 7-8 p.m.FridayJuly
West Virginia5-6 p.m.SaturdayOctober
Wisconsin3-4 p.m.SaturdaySeptember
Wyoming 2-3 p.m.SaturdayJuly