NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Your Dunkin’ order will be wrong in one out of every five visits — but customers are still happy, anyway, according to a new study from Intouch Insight.

The group’s 2022 Drive-Thru Study looked into the nation’s largest and most popular fast food chains to find which ones were the friendliest, most accurate and fastest.

Starbucks was not included in the study.

When it came to the shortest wait times, KFC brought home the title, followed by Taco Bell, Hardee’s, Dunkin’ and then Carl’s Jr.

If you’re grabbing Chick-fil-A, be prepared to wait a little more than three minutes — the longest wait of all the brands — according to the results. At Dunkin’, you’ll be waiting for about 89.94 seconds.

Chick-fil-A’s wait times, however, can be attributed to its long lines. While brands like Dunkin’ or Taco Bell have a little more than two cars in line at a time, Chick-fil-A sees 4.74.

Overall, 85% of fast food orders were accurate this year. Dunkin’ came in ninth out of the 10 brands, with only 82% of orders being accurate. It beat only Wendy’s, at 79%.

In 2022, the most-accurate brands were Arby’s and McDonald’s, which tied for first place, followed by Burger King, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The most common mistake? According to the survey, 34% of the time it’s a beverage.

That low accuracy rate hasn’t dissuaded customers, however. Dunkin’ tied for third with Arby’s and Hardee’s — all at 91% — for customer satisfaction. The three brands were beaten by the ever-chipper Chick-fil-A and Carl’s Jr., which tied for the top spot.

If you’re craving a doughnut or a cup of coffee, you have hundreds of Dunkin’ locations to choose from in Connecticut. Hartford has 18 alone, with New Haven and Waterbury coming in close, at 16 and 15.

Bridgeport, Enfield, Fairfield, Manchester, New Britain, Norwalk, West Hartford and West Hartford all have more than eight locations.