NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Hot weather is forcing summer camps to make some changes in order to keep kids healthy and safe. News 8 visited two different camps with two very different approaches.

Some tarps, a hill, and a hose. The homemade slip and slide is one way to keep kids cool at summer camp.

“With the heat coming in this week, it’s something we haven’t seen so far this summer, so this is the first strong heat wave of the summer,” said Soundview YMCA Executive Director Matt LaPrino.

At the Soundview YMCA Camp in Branford, they made some changes for the hot weather. Like lots of water breaks.

“So, if it’s a 45-minute segment where a group is in session at another location, they’re taking water breaks throughout that entire session,” LaPrino explained.

Kids can also hang out in the deep shade of the hammock grove. Or in something a little less natural.

“We also have an air-conditioned building, our wonderful YMCA has the ability to house our kids,” said LaPrino. “So, we can go throughout the building throughout the day to take cool breaks, as well as get into the pool to cool off.”

At a regular summer camp like Soundview’s, they have to come up with inventive ways to get kids wet, but what about a camp that’s surrounded by water? Well, they have their own challenges.

New Haven’s Schooner Camp is all about being out on the water.

“You get to go sailing and you learn how to put the stuff on the ship,” said 9-year-old camper Harper Bunte.

As nice as that sounds, there’s one thing you don’t have on a boat out in New Haven Harbor, and that is shade.

“We do a presale check,” explained camp sailing instructor Caleb Nyhart. “They’ve got their water bottles, sunscreen, all ready to go, and then we just stay on the water as much as we can.”

That is because the water is still in the 70s even when the air temperature is in the 90s. Plus, if it gets really hot on the boat, there’s always the option of jumping into the water.

“I mean, sometimes. Yeah, sometimes,” Harper said about jumping in the water.

He said today was just the kind of day he probably would because sometimes the best part of being in a boat is getting out of the boat.