The Big Heist: List of stolen pieces in history’s biggest art heist found at home of CT man


(WTNH) — We are approaching the 31st anniversary of the Gardner Art Heist in Boston, MA. A half-billion dollars worth of art was stolen and is still missing. A Connecticut man is said to be linked to the crime, in part because the FBI found a list of the art at his home.

Works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, and other rare art pieces were stolen on March 18, 1990. They’ve never been found and no one has ever been charged in the case.

Reputed mobster Robert Gentile is considered a person of interest in the case because a woman told the FBI her husband gave him two of the paintings.

Gentile told us, “To this day, I don’t know who was involved.”

Gentile has always denied it. The FBI even searched his home, but no sign of the paintings. During a search in 2013, they did find a list of the paintings with their black market values handwritten by known art thief ‘Al Monday’ who gave it to Gentile.

Ryan McGuigan is Gentile’s attorney. He told News 8, “…there is every single piece of artwork that was stolen from the museum is on the list…The photograph you have is the one provided to me from the government which is almost illegible. But I have seen the original list which contains every line item piece of art and corresponding number with the supposed value…The Degas I believe is worth $6-million. I believe the Storm of Sea of Galilee and the Concert were together $35 and $40-million. So you are talking much less than they are really worth, so these are street values.”

In an exclusive interview at Gentile’s Connecticut home, News 8’s Dennis House asked Gentile about the list.

House: “During one of the searches here, the FBI says they found a handwritten list of the paintings with their black market values on them. Why would you have that here?”

Gentile: “I had the list and took it home and for some reason it ended up in the cellar in one the boxes.”

McGuigan echoed his client’s statement: “You’ve been to his house and you’ve seen how he lives; he is a hoarder…He collects a lot of odd interesting things and this was obviously very important to the people he was involved with so he kept it.”

Gentile has never been charged in the heist but did go to prison during the investigation after he plead guilty to unrelated crimes.

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